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Hello internet traveller! I'm Aristide, nice to meet you.

I live in Warsaw, Poland, but I was born and raised for most of my life in Italy.

My goal is to live a peaceful life, doing the job I love: developing video games and creating unforgettable gaming experiences.

  • Age: 24 (Still Alive)
  • Location: Earth, Solar System
  • Job Position: Open for Work
  • Address: Home
  • Instagram: @arstidesessa
  • E-mail:

Special Effects

My Abilities


Learned in Futuregames and made the first 2 huge projects in it. Knowledge of C# and algorithms

Unreal Engine 5

One of my recent engine I'm practicing on, with my knowledge of C++ I'm working on making my newest games in it


Started like a personal project for making my own engine still ongoing, is developed in C++ and lots of custom libraries for graphic rendering.

Game Design

I know the principles of game design and helped to implement mostly mechanics in my games, unofficially I like give life to my games with engaging stories


I have amatorial and semi-professional photography and videomaking skills: the software I use are Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom

Mobile Games

In my game portfolio there is also a mobile game made with the Futurgames school and other 10 people, is one of our proudest products

Formation, Jobs and Certificates

Work Experience
2018 - 2023
Administrator- Sessa s.r.l.

Running the jewellery family business that is going for more that six generations, with my father and brother


Collab. with Benetton Rugby - Treviso

With a team of guys, we conceived, designed, and produced a short video clip about the importance of Rugby in the world of sports. This short film was screened at sports-themed film exhibitions across Italy.


2018 - 2019
IOS Accademy

In collaboration with the Apple Academy in Naples and the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Aversa, my team and I developed an application in Swift for all iOS devices.

We did in team:

  • Mobile Dev (Swift)
  • Mobile Software Deployment
  • Google Maps Integration
Education and certificates
2023 - Current
Futuregames - Game Development Career

Learning Game Programming in depth end specialized in tools for making videogames.

Here I did:

  • Unity, C#
  • Unreal Engine 5, Blueprints and C++
  • 4 Game Projects
  • Personal Game Projects


2022 - 2023
Software Engineering Bachellor -
University of Rome La Sapienza

Three years Bachellor in Software Engineering, continuation of the one in Aversa, here I learned:

  • Software Designt
  • Optimization Calculus
  • System Theory

Career Ongoing

2019 - 2022
Software Engineering Bachellor -
University Luigi Vanvitelli

Three years Bachellor in Software Engineering, where i learned:

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Phisics
  • Programming
  • Electrical Circuits

Moved to La Sapienza

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