Lights Out


Lights Out

About the Game

Developed by: Aristide Sessa and Futuregames School Students


Game Mechanics

Lights Out is an engaging single-player PC game where the player navigates a grid-based map to escape from enemies and the darkness. As the player moves, darkness slowly encroaches into the play area, adding a layer of urgency to the escape.


In a world enveloped by darkness, horrific creatures emerge from the void, their one weakness being light. Your mission is to bring light back to an abandoned castle, navigating through the dark, evading creatures sensitive to the faintest glimmer. Each step towards lighting up the castle is a step towards salvation.

Would you reach the end and save the castle or perish in the attempt?

What’s behind this game

This is our game project if not one of my first games. With my team we explored as first approach to the game design principles and think of a slow movement game with survival elements moving on a grid based map.


The artistic view we gave was focussed on pawns similar to the chess game, iconic but characteristics

The whole ambience is obscured, for the only exception of the character source of light, indispensable for see and survive

If you want to try the game feel free to download it here on your windows PC.



The game is far from perfect, there still some important bugs, but remember that this is just a concept project.

  • Date: April 23, 2024
  • Categories: Games